A Conversation on Basement Repair

What exactly is basement repair? How can a basement fall into disrepair? What happens if you do not get basement repair? Is basement repair expensive? Do you have options for basement repair? Can you do it yourself? All these questions and more will be answered in the article that follows-so listen up.

As your basement walls age, they may begin to shift, bow, and even crack. This can occur for a variety of reasons:

– Tree roots
– Water pressure
– Improper preparation of soil around foundation
– And more

And as these negative effects occur, your home becomes in danger. In particular there are two main dangers:
1. Water intrusion
2. Damage to your structure caused by the shifting
Let us take a moment to discuss each.
Water Intrusion
When your basement walls develop cracks, water can penetrate. Keep in mind, we aren’t necessarily talking about your basement flooding. That’s the worst case scenario. But more often than not, what you have instead is slowly leaking walls. What’s the big deal with that? That slow leaking water can cause:
– Mold growth
– Insect invasions
– Allergy problems

And all of those problems can not only affect the health of you and your family, but also the reseal value of your home. And let’s not even get started on how difficult and costly it is to rid your home of spreading mold spores…

In this instance, you will need to call a basement repair specialist for basement waterproofing services. The right company will know multiple ways in which they can put an end to your basement water intrusion. As a result, they will protect your investment.

Is it costly? Not in comparison to waiting around until water has destroyed your basement. As a general rule, the sooner you seek the antidote, the better.
Damage Resulting from Shifting Walls

Now if you are having real foundational issues, then the problem can get more serious. First of all, you will find the inside of your home slowly falling apart. This usually begins with cracking sheet rock-or at least that is what people tend to notice first.

Then comes doors that won’t shut, windows that will not slide on the track anymore, and bowing floors. All signs of problems underneath.
What happens if you let this problem fester? Well, best case scenario, it costs you thousands of dollars to continue fixing the cosmetic issues. Worst case scenario, your basement walls collapse. Guess what happens then? YIKES.

But when you call a basement repair company, they can come in and stop those shifting walls in their tracks. And they can do so by a variety of methods. Sometimes they install stabilization straps. Sometimes they use steel beams. Other times they install anchors outside. And sometimes they just have to jack up the house and rebuild all or part of your basement walls. That’s the worst case scenario, obviously.

That said, again let us drive home the point that the sooner you get help, the better your chances are of achieving an easy solution.
So whatever the basement issues you are experiencing, you’d be wise to find a professional for basement repair immediately.