Basic Information About Decorative Curtain Holdbacks Tiebacks And Hooks

Nowadays, there’re many ways of decorating windows, curtains are probably the most common means of hiding the window as well as of adding style to one’s interior d?cor. The only disadvantage about the usage of curtains either at home or in the office is the need to be extremely careful and tolerant with them. Probably, if you have curtains at home you have thought or even dreamt of those curtains which would be easily open and closed and in a short period of time.

Well, today this has become really possible with the help of high-rate curtain tieback. Sometimes, curtain tiebacks are called holdbacks or hooks. These are the items which are permanent and rather simple to use. The general technique is rather simple – by means of tying the curtain panel into a loose knot. However, this is only a temporary solution which can even damage the curtain in time. In addition, this method proves to be inefficient for heavier curtains as well as requires much time to retie the curtains which are undone. One can also choose cloth tiebacks as another solution for this problem, but this method requires fitting the curtain through a tiny loop of fabric as well as getting the curtain out again. Doing it you’ll spend much time and effort as well.

Solid brass curtain tiebacks are a really wonderful solution to the higher described problems only due to the reason that these items can be permanently installed into the wall. Besides, solid brass curtain tiebacks have a very simple system. You’ll need just to push the curtain over the tieback and give it supported with the post. There are different sizes of tie backs ranging from small to large ones. Before choosing the suitable tie backs consider the weight of the curtains.

Hook Styled tie backs: A hook style curtain tie back usually has a U or V shape and can be perfectly used with heavy drapery or large curtains which have much of additional fabric that should be held back. Usually, these curtains are made of such heavy materials as velvet or heavily embroidered fabrics. You’ll need to use two-four wood screws for installation this style of tie backs.

Post Style of tie backs: This style of tie backs is represented by a T shape if it’s held vertically. This style has a post with a screw bottom which should be attached into the wall. The tie backs of this style are ideal for the curtains of light weight or small panels. The tie backs of post style are perfect for sheer, lace, or any similar fabric which won’t create a massive “”bunch”” when held back.

Summing up, it’s necessary to mention that curtain tiebacks have been used for many years by people living in different parts of the world. These items can serve as an excellent decorative addition to the home as well as to your window treatments. You should also know that window hardware can contain different pieces such as sash pull, sash locks, and curtain rods. Finally, tiebacks can be of great help in creating and improving your current theme in the house, as a great number of patterns can be easily purchased nowadays, such as classic Victorian designs as well as contemporary patterns.