Basic Plumbing Maintenance Can Save You Money!

By doing your own regular maintenance and checking the normal problems that might exist on your own, you are cutting any future problems off at the pass. Sometimes the job might be too big though, and you’ll need to call Plumber Salt Lake City to help complete the job in a professional manner. There are many parts of your house that contain plumbing, and all those areas should be checked regularly for maintenance. When checking these potential plumbing issues, you are being a responsible homeowner. Don’t forget all the parts of plumbing in your home, to include toilets, showers, bathtubs, sinks, clothes washer and drains. These are all connected by pipes throughout your house and walls. Salt Lake City Utah plumbing has the same issues as elsewhere in the country, so doing this maintenance no matter where you are from.

The first thing you should do to make sure you don’t have to call Plumber Salt Lake City is check all the uncovered or exposed pipes. These pipes might be in the foundation of your home or they might be in the walls of your home. You are checking for leaks or things of that nature. A sure fire sign of a leak is a puddle of water near the pipe or watermarks on the wall underneath or around the exposed pipe. Also look for corrosion of pipes. Pipes that have corroded might make bad connections with remaining pipe and cause a leak. The corroded pipe might also leak from the corroded part of the pipe. If the pipe is made of copper or brass, the corrosion will leave a green stain. If the pipe is made of steel, the stain might be orange or yellow instead.

Salt Lake City plumbing might have to be called in if the corrosion is too bad. Water pressure should also be tested. If your water pressure is low, this can be a sign of residue build up within your shower head or faucet. Low water pressure can also be an indication that you have a predicament with your water line. To check your shower head for residue, just take the head off and look inside. Remove the residue and you might have fixed your low water pressure issue. Salt Lake City Utah plumbing will be able to help if these simple checks didn’t help out with low water pressure. Even though you can do these things on your own with great success and a help to your pocket-book, if you don’t feel comfortable doing some maintenance checks or feel you might break something in the process, you shouldn’t hesitate to call in the help of a professional plumber I Salt Lake City.

If you are comfortable though, the next thing to check is your tubs, showers and sinks for the good or bad drainage. You can tell whether the drainage is good or bad by the speed with which the water goes down the drain. If the water drains slowly, it may indicate that you have a clog in your drain or that something is blocking the pipe somewhere. Proper drains will swirl down the pipe unimpeded in a timely manner. Bubbles bubbling up when the water drains down are not a good sign and usually indicate a problem in the drain. Gurgling sounds are also bad and might also indicate a problem with the draining system. If you can’t find a solution, a Plumber Salt Lake City might be able to help determine the problem and create a solution to your drain needs.

Toilets must also be checked. The working parts, including the handle and parts inside the tank should all be looked at to make sure they are sturdy and working. Checking for breakage, rusted or missing parts is what you should be looking for. The toilet should not run after filling up after a flush and water should not leak anywhere near the toilet. The base should be on sturdy and should not wobble or move in any way. If it does, professional help from Salt Lake City Utah plumbing should be contacted.

By going through these simple maintenance checks you can save yourself from a giant headache in the future. While there are many more things that need to be down on a regular basis to maintain basic good working order for your plumbing, this is a great place to start for the integrity of your system. When major problems arise, Plumber Salt Lake City should be relied upon for a professional job well done. These checks don’t have to be down every day or even every month, but should be done about twice a year to make sure your plumbing is in good working order. These small steps can save you money in the future by noticing small problems before they turn into big problems. Big problems should be left to the professionals of Salt Lake City plumbing. If you try to tackle a big problem without the problem knowledge, it might turn into a catastrophe.