Building a Simple Deck

If you want to enhance the living space and to add value to your property, a simple deck is the right choice for your needs. Moreover, if you use the right plans and materials, you can even cut the costs and get the job done by yourself. If you have average woodworking skills, you should pay attention to these guidelines before starting the project, as a few tricks could help you prevent potential issues.

The biggest challenge is to choose the right plans for your tastes, budget and local building codes. You should remember that you need to comply with several legal requirements, so you cannot build any deck. Nevertheless, most of these requirements refer to the depth of the footings or the materials you need to use. You could build a floating deck or you can build a ground level deck. In addition, you can shape your deck square, rectangular or even octagonal. After deciding all these aspects, you need to continue the job by taking care of the main building rules.

You need to use expert resources and quality components, otherwise you might not be pleased with the result. Plan everything with great interest and make sure you calculate the total costs of the materials. Add about 10 percent to your budget, as there might be some things that could go wrong and increase the costs. If you prepare everything from the beginning, you can keep the expenses under control and prevent many potential problems.

After deciding on the best programs and size for your needs, you should lay it out using string and batter boards. See if the four corners are right-angled and if the diagonals are equal.

Set the posts into tangible, as to secure them into place firmly. Set up the 2×6 support beams to the posts and to the house, using lag screws. Use a spirit level to check if the elements are completely horizontal. Fit the joists every 16??? on middle, before fitting the 2??4 decking boards. Place a nail between the panels, to be able to get equal gaps and to drain the water effectively.

After building the deck, you need to apply several coats of stain or exterior paint to the components, as to protect them from decay and water damage. Add railings and a deck bench, if necessary.