DIY Plumbing Repairs

If you are a DIY home repairman, the faucet will probably be the one of the most common things that you will be working on. And while might look innocuous at times repairing them can be quite a hassle. So here are a few tips that will help you a lot and save both your energy and stock of plumbing parts.

First important thing that you need to know in repairing faucets is the types that are available. The most common of this is the screw type faucet, wherein you simply turn the handle to open it and turn it towards the other direction to close. Another type that is also becoming quite popular with homes nowadays is the push type faucets, which is activated by tapping on a spring loaded plunger and automatically closes after a few seconds. And for more affluent homes, there is the sensor type faucet, where you need to only put your hand under it to open.

Here, it would be a good idea if your home only has one type of faucet, as this will make repair much easier. However, there would be instances where you will need to replace one type with another type. In this case, you might want to make your succeeding replacements of the same type so that you won’t have a hard time. Also, you actually don’t have to replace the whole thing, instead if there is just a small part that is broken, then you can just purchase that part.

Now for the actual repair. Remember to turn off the mains before proceeding with the work. You also need to have the replacement faucet on hand to get things going smoothly. Begin with disassembling the faucet head. Newer faucet heads actually just screw on the protruding pipe, so this will be quick. Disassemble the head itself and lay it out in proper order to see which parts needs replacing and which ones would still be good. Once you get the new part fitted, you can then put it back on. Check that everything is tight and that the faucet is functioning properly before turning the mains back on.

Once you are finished, then you can ask a professional plumber to check your work. This way, he will be able to correct a few things and will make sure that everything is indeed in proper working order.