Ensure a Healthy Ecosystem With Natural Algae Control

Algae are the green growth that is slippery and that spreads. Yes, the algae (or alga if singular) are the most commonly occurring aquatic plant. There would hardly be a place where algae are unheard of. And more often than not, they are not menacing. But it is only when they start growing uncontrollably that one has to think about synthetic and natural algae control. This has to be done in order to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. Unrestricted growth of any living organism plays drastically with the delicate cycles of Eco-system and has to be stopped as soon as it is identified. Algae are prone to grow in well nourished ponds, lakes, pools etc. And since algae are not the only aquatic organisms thriving in pond / lake/ pool water, one cannot control their growth by synthetic or chemical methods alone. The more varied the biotic composition, the more we will have to use the natural methods. And how do natural methods work. Well, to begin with these strike at the grass root level. They aim at cutting off light and cutting off nutrients supply to the algae. And this retards and slowly stops their growth. But both these reductions have to be carried out systematically and strategically because the other aquatic organisms should not feel deprived.

Algae control in ponds requires a conglomeration of various activities. First and foremost the pond water should be clean and free of debris, waste (both organic and inorganic) and clean. Once this is done, there should be proper farming practices in order to check the flow of the nutrients. Another essential thing for pond algae removal is that in case the flow of nutrients cannot be regulated, then natural aquatic nutrient consumers can be grown. These can be grown in the form of submerged or floating plants and they prevent the nutrients from reaching the algae. This cuts the growth of the algae. Some chemicals that are bio-degradable or have lesser effect on living beings can also be used on expert recommendation about the type and quantity of the chemical to be used. Planting shady trees around the ponds also helps the cut the light reaching the algae but it puts additional demands of keeping the pond clean. Effective pond care algae removal can be carried out by all the methods working in harmony.

The lake algae control is no different than the pond algae control. The only thing that is to be considered here is that lakes have a natural mechanism of their own, that involves rotation of algae and weeds. This keeps the algae growth in check. Also, the lakes are subject to the algae reappearing once the natural treatment has been administered. So, it always better to club the natural growth restrictions with the approved chemicals and synthetic means.

There has to be proper and regular survey of these water bodies to ensure that the algae do not grow unrestricted. This is necessary to maintain the cycle of life and for sustainable growth of ecosystem. However, not all algae is bad, so we have to proceed with caution while working on algae control.