Hide Carpets And How to Maintain Them

Ordering genuine leather carpets is a very popular trend especially amongst rich people since they are significant signs of prosperity and wealth in their luxurious homes. Such carpets are made of various animal skins starting from sheep, pig and cow skin as the lowest priced, going to African animals’ skin such as lion, zebra and elephant skin and reaching the most expensive hides from polar and grizzly bears and foxes. Prices start from around 100 pounds for a cow rug and reach 16 000 pounds for a polar bear rug. Unfortunately, the more extinct the animal is, the more expensive its skin is and that is why poaching continues to be an attractive opportunity to gain money not only for professional hunters. Now here are some useful tips how to maintain such an expensive rug in your home.

Generally, all hide carpets need as carpet cleaning is regular vacuuming and shaking and they will last a long time. When there is a smell, you had better just leave them out in the sun for a day or two to air out. You can also apply dry powder and leave it for a while and then vacuum it up. For removing spots you best use water and soap or dry cleaning type of spot cleaners. Moisture, however, should be removed as quickly as possible. For fully saturated rugs it is recommended to call professional carpet service to cope with such a problem. It is a good idea anyway to send your rug for this type of cleaning once a year, since professionals know what chemicals to apply to keep it clean and looking good.

Another often encountered problem with this type of rugs is hair loss. If this happens, you should avoid vacuuming it. Often the cause is insects feeding of the animal flesh and fur. Exterminate them, however, avoid spraying insecticides directly into the rug, since this might cause the fur to fall even faster. Even though such hides are often kept in front of the fireplace, keep in mind another reason for the fast hair loss might be namely heat.

All in all, hide carpets are an expensive and quite beautiful asset that needs regular maintaining and care. If you encounter a problem while doing that and you are not sure how to cope with it, professional carpet cleaning service is your best solution. Meanwhile, enjoy a glass of white wine with your partner lying on it in front of your fireplace, while outside it is snowing.