Leather + Teak Clock

Hello there! Hope you had a fab weekend This morning I’m excited to share this simple clock Ken and I made using materials we found thrifting a Thai teak wood plate and a leather belt Once we came up with our design, it came together pretty easily, and since we were able to find most of the materials at thrift shops, the total cost was under $7! Here’s the howto Materials Needed Thrifted 12″ Wood plate, tray or wood disc Thrifted Men’s large leather belt Clock kit Gorilla glue Electric drill Measuring tape Pencil AA Battery Step 1 On the front of the plate or wood disc, measure and mark the center with a pencil Step 2 Using electric drill, drill through wood plate using your pencil mark as a guide Step 3 Add the clock kit Place the wood plate on top of the battery piece, so that the white protruding part of the mechanism fits into the drilled hole, and is poking up on the face of the clock Place metal washer onto the protruding white mechanism Then screw on the nut Peel back the film on the clock hands Place clock hands over top of the nut and …. We hope this pictures will give you some good ideas for your project.

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